Here’s this week’s podcast guest @alberthammondjr eating an alfajor in slow motion.


This week’s podcast guest is…


… from the Strokes. He talks to Zach & guest host Jeff Miller (from Thrillist) about dulce de leche, juicing, and Japanese food- which he knows a ton about. Plus there’s a pretty sweet George Michael tangent.

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April 11, 2014 - Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, Jr .with Fab at a screening of Fading Gigolo.

Anonymous asked:
do any of the members of the strokes still smoke?


um i’m not too sure about this but like recently there haven’t been any pictures of them smoking so maybe they’re cutting back?? bc most of them are married and having kids now so it’s good to set a good example right? maybe fab still smokes but i’m not really sure bc there hasn’t been any pics of it but i think in Monica’s review on meeting Jules at SXSW she said he looked really high and he seemed that way on stage so you never know, but it’s their choice ya know, to do those kinds of things. i think Albert still smokes though, there was one picture from instagram i think where he’s smoking a cig but yah other than that idk

Albert quit smoking at the beginning of 2013.




Happy 34th Birthday Albert Louis Hammond, Jr.!! (April 9th 1980)

Thank you for the music and everything you do. 

and thank you for AHJ ❤


i kept trying to get a good pic of matt and albert but his butt kept getting in the way


he put on his jacket to take pictures with his fans

For anon

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